Penicillin allergy and carbapenems

This subject has again resurfaced after a post last year on this subject. In this systematic review published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, the authors looked at 10 studies and 12 case reports (n=838). The incidence of any type of suspected hypersentivity was 4.3%, with the rates of proven, suspected or possible reactions totalling 2.4%. 295/838 had a positive penicillin skin test, with 1/838 having a hypersensitivity reaction to a carbapenem.

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Fever in the returning traveller

Fever in the returning traveller is always a diagnostic challenge in terms of what samples to send. For those that have travelled to high prevalance areas, always consider dengue as 40% of the worlds population live in areas where there is a risk of transmission. An excellent review can be found here.